Thursday 23 April 2015

Get ready for summer with Church and Dwight

It is Finally starting to warm up and we are all slowing coming our of hibernation.  First we shield our eyes and look around...but don't look down cause there we find those hairy shaggy legs of many months hiding under the comfort of pants legs.   
Oh come on admit it...we need it for warmth right.......??.....
Lucky for us Nair has come out with some great new hair removal products to help all the ladies and some men ;) get ready for hot summer days and shorts!  I got to try out the new Nair Moroccan Aragon oil hard wax and Nair Argan Oil Ultimate Roll On Face Wax and I just have to saw they both smell amazing and leave your skin feeling so soft and smooth!!  
I have never waxed at home and am guessing there is an art to it, or a skill that I don't have but from what I was able to do I can say this wax is easy to use and smells fantastic.  There was hardly any mess which was amazing for a first timer. I just need to work on my technique of applying it at the right temperature to get the most hair out in one go.  I was happy to say that it don't really hurt at all considering I had to go over a few spots a few times lol
There are also some great products from Arm &Hammer out that are sure to help you impress this spring and summer. 
 The Truly Radiant Manual Toothbrush (Extra White and Deep Clean) spin brush is great! With a moving top portion of the toothbrush head you get a great clean and the 
Truly Radiant Rejuvenating Toothpaste gets the yellow out of your teeth with easy results.  I love this toothpaste! It really makes your mouth feel fresh and clean and even my kids can use it as it is not too minty like most toothpaste!

Find these and more Chruch and Dwight products and get yourself ready for summer today!

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