Thursday 23 April 2015

Little white lies...#StreamTeam

We all tell them, those little white lies. Come on admit it!  One of the big ones that comes to my mind are the ones associated with a wonderful holiday in know the one.
I happily tell some fantastic lies to create a magic Christmas and I will continue to do so....and when he time comes that someone comes to me with some big questions I will explain to them the way it was explained to me by my grandma that Christmas is a magical wonderful time where it is the magic of Christmas that brings joy to everyone.  Did I mind...No, because everything stayed the same no I was let in on a secret that only the big people knew.

There are other times however why those little white lies just slip out...McDonald's is closed today....cause McDonald's closes...sometimes they are just needed to get through the minute withou the meltdown.

But when it comes to the kids lying we try to teach that the big ones are not ok.  There is a difference in playing a little joke on your brother by saying you have a treat and lying about something big to mom and dad.  We always try to encourage honesty with the kids and try to use different words when it is a joke rather then a lie so they know the difference.

Check out these frat titles from Netflix to open the door to communication with your kids. Super Why, and Courious George.

And for the older kids Mean Girls and Just Go With It

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