Thursday 30 July 2015

A Sweet Sleep with Cloud b

I try to do anything I can to encourage my children to get to sleep and have a good restful sleep, cause as we know when the kids sleep mommy gets to sleep too!  Sometimes they need something extra to help them feel safe and secure or a calming thing to occupy their minds while they drift off to dreamland, and I found the perfect sleep aids in Cloud b.

I love that the Cloub b line not only offers a night light, but also calming sounds and a little fun all in one package.  There are some great new products out from them now that I just had to share with you!
Twilight Noah's Ark is a boat load of fun with four included stuffed animal finger puppets in an Ark.  The top of the ark is the nightlight that can be removed.  It offers children a star covered ceiling with three colour choices and has the added benefit of turning itself off after 45 minutes to save on batteries! 

My two year old DS Loves this toy as he is a big animal lover and was so excited to play and sleep with his little animals.  He loves that he can change the colour of the starts on his ceiling and enjoys playing with the Ark all day and resting with it at night!
Another fun new product is the Cosmic UFO which my big boys are loving! They love that it "comes alive" when they walk past and makes cool space ship noises!  I like that it lights up the ceiling in a Northern lights style and also plays two soothing sounds for calming them as they drift off to sleep.  I also like the adjustable volume which switches it from fun time to relax time and it has a 23 minute sleep switch off which is great for saving on batteries!  The Cosmic UFO is a fun night light for my bigger kids that think they are too big for night lights but still need some comfort light at bedtime.

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