Monday 10 August 2015

Globalfest 2015 the best yet!

If you live in Calgary I am sure you have heard of Globalfest, the international fireworks festival that takes place at Ellison Park each year.  Every year it seems to get bigger and better then the last no this year is sure to excite!  There are some great new attractions this year including more great fun at the pavilions including the new German pavilion, the new Molson lounge where patrons 18+ can enjoy music and beverages, and the Children's village presented by Shaker's Fun Centre where there will be bouncy houses, slides sparkle tattoos, trampolines, arts and crafts and the Calgary zoo tent!  I have a feeling we may need to go early this year!!

  There is also a fun kids contest where children aged 9-13 can enter to be a member of the Junior Adjudicator panel where they get to vote on the kids choice award of the best pyrotechnic performance.  The kids were chosen after completing a number of tasks during the month of July and get to make a presentation of the kids choice award on the final evening of fireworks! So fun! Keep an eye out next year to get your child involved in this great event!

Now Globalfest is not only fireworks, it is a truly international festival that has pavilions set up around the grounds and city that showcase many different cultures.  There is also the Humans Rights Forum coming up on August 16 through 21. It is a free event at the John Dutton Theatre at the Calgary Public Library and offers a complimentary free breakfast on a first come first served basis.  

Tickets for Globalfest are $20 + GST each and you can purchase tickets at All Calgary Co-op Customer Service Offices, Marlborough Mall, London Drugs, and only at   There are also VIP tickets available that cost $45+GST that get you special access to the VIP lounge and a parking ass to park at the event.

I can't wait to see what's in store for 2015!!

Amazing photography curtesy of J & J Lawrence Photography! 

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