Saturday 11 July 2015

Comfort and Convenience with the Rainier by DIONO

I was so so SO excited that I got to test out the new Rainier car seat from DIONO recently!  I had heard many great things about them and could not wait to check it out!

 I was planning on saving to to use with baby girl when she grows out of the infant bucket seat but decided to put it to the test in the cramped back seat of the van with my three year old DS3.  Our back seat is where the three oldest boys seat and as you can imagine with a three year old in a full car seat, a five year old in a full booster and a six year old in a booster seat it is a tight fit and makes for grumpy kids!  I had heard a lot about how these seats are slimmer then others so I was hoping it would be true and open up a little bit more space for the oldest boy who was stuck in the middle.

The first thing I noticed when I packaging the seat was that it is super compact whole still having a hefty weight (it has a steel frame so expect a heavy seat). The car seat comes folded!  You unclip the seat portion and open it to the locked position.  My first thought was wow this would be great for travel...not that I ever travel lol. 
After I got it all unfolded and open properly I noticed how slim it is.  I had heard about this great feature but had not seen one of these seats so I was very curious to see it.  The seat is nice and slim but still VERY comfortable and the sides and back width can be adjusted to older wider and smaller children.

The seat was really easy to install after I read the I love how easy the secure latch is to use on the in seat anchors. 

I love the memory foam cushions and so did my son, cozy and comfortable without getting to warm on a hot day.  I also noticed right away that the cheats clip is very different then other seats. It is quite large and I think it would look funny being so large on a little baby but great for my three year old.  It cups in and out really easily and is Much easier to work then other seats we have owned.  I also love that the seat is lower to the car seat then others. It has a lower profile and is really easy for my son to climb into on his own, our old seat he had to be able to climb up on his brothers seat first or get a boost form mom so it was really nice to see he could do this part by himself now.
This seat will last from a newborn all the way up through booster stage while keeping your child safe and comfortable!  It is able to rear face to 50 lbs!!, forward facing to 65lbs with the five point harness and can then be converted into booster mode to 120lbs.  This seat goes beyond the set safety standards and can truly meet what a parent feels is needed to keep their child the safest. 

Find this and other great seats at the  DIONO Website
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You won't regret it!

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