Saturday 11 July 2015

Summer Camps: The making of memories

I grew up spending my summers in a tent in the middle of nowhere. Swimming in lakes, rivers and oceans and learning and exploring nature at it finest.  My family was big on camping and spent many a summers night singing song like “there's a hole in the bottom of the sea” and listening to dad play his harmonica.

I grew up loving nature and the wonderful adventures we had.  Now as I raise my own family I love that we started the tradition of taking them all camping for DS2 birthday each year.  It is our big camping trip that I see is already creating lasting memories for our children. 
This year we went to an amazing Alberta Parks campground called Brewers camp at Aspen Beach provincial park and it was just perfect for the kids! They had so much fun playing and enjoying the beach and other children and of course the nightly fire and s'mores :).

I so enjoy all the wonderful memories I made while camping with my family but recently was reminded of children's summer camps.  My children are just starting to reach the age where they could begin to join a summer camp, although momma might not be old enough to let them go lol.  I never got to go to a summer camp as a child and I so so so wanted to be able to go!  I remember one year my best friend was going and asked me to join and I was so devastated when I was told we couldn't afford it and had other plans anyway...ahh the teenage years...I may have been devastated a lot lol.
I have just gotten to the point of thinking of summer camps for my two older boys and decided to do a little research on what a summer camp is all about.  I know there are some different options but was hoping to find some options that would put mom as mind at ease a little.  I had heard 
about a great camp in Ontario a few years ago called Manitou Camp from some friends, And keep hearing about it so I thought I'd check out their website to see what it was all about. I was surprised to see that Manitou Camp offers some different options for summer camps including some shorter camps and have added in some extra weeks this year to help make sure that all the kids get a chance to experience the great camp experience!  They also offer shorter sessions for the younger campers and even a one day option for your child to join in for the day to see all the camp has to offer. And with over 32 activities to choose from there is sure to be something to keep everyone interested. 
I really love the shorter options!  For us our boys have literally never been away from us except while we were having another baby and then only with a very trusted family member so letting go is hard!  The shorter and try for a day sessions would be perfect for us!

If you are in Ontario check out Manitou Camp  I have heard amazing things about it and there is still time to get in for this summer!

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