Thursday 13 August 2015

My favourite diaper! #LittleMoversPlus

I told you awhile ago about the new exclusive to Costco Canada, Huggies Little Movers and now that I've had the chance to really...and I mean really put them to the test and use them on my kidlets I thought I'd come back and let you know my feelings on the verdict is in...and.
...I love them!
We have spent a lot of time taking drives to beat the heat and also went on our annual camping trip and I have to say that the Huggies little movers have kept my babies bums and clothes dry and comfortable the whole time because of the new Drytouch liner!  I love that they contain all the messes, even while camping!!! And I didn't have to worry about baby being wet and uncomfortable through the night.  I also Love the extra sticky grip strips  that help to keep the diaper snug and secure, especially helpful for my now mobile and wiggly baby girl, who'd rather be on the move then laying for a diaper change.  

Huggies Little Movers are available exclusively at Costco Canada and come in sizes 3-6 and for the little ones they also carry the Huggies Little Snugglers line in sizes 1-2 that have all the same great features with ultra softness added in.
Find #LittleSnugglersPlus and #LittleMoversPlus at your Local Costco!

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