Friday, 25 September 2015

Dressing up in a Robin costume with Costume Supercenter

Halloween is almost here and the boys have been thinking about what they want to dress up as for awhile now...ok really there been thinking about it since last Halloween lol.  The his year DS2 asked if he could be Robin to go along with his big brother and Dads Batman we are doing the dynamic dou squared.  Yep we like to coordinate costumes here and will end up with three batmans,  and two Robins this year and a beautiful butterfly too...Oh and a Queen cause I'm always a Queen ;) 
I found the perfect Robin costume for DS2 at Costume Supercenter and he was sooooo excited to get it in the mail.  It is perfect and I can hardly keep him out of it till Halloween! I love that you can get a nice quality costume for really good prices and they now ship to Canada as well as the U.S.  

Check out the great selection at Costume Supercenter and get your order in now to be delivered for Halloween!

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