Thursday 17 September 2015

Great New Products From Playtex Infant

With four boys at our house you can bet that we are on full out Super Hero mode all the time.. They have super hero sheets, super hero costumes that they dress in daily, super hero games, super hero name it we got it....and now with the new line up from Playtex we can add Super Hero water bottles to that list and my boys are thrilled!!!

Playtex has come out with some great new designs on their straw and sippy cups including Super heroes, Thomas, and My Little Pony which are sure to be a huge hit with little everywhere. 
There are also the new VenAire bottles that I am really enjoying using.  They are a regular bottle but the bottom unscrews and there is a little valve that goes over some little holes in the bottom piece.  This allows the air to escape out of the bottle while your baby is drinking and less air equals less gas which makes mom and baby happy!  Plus with them being open at the bottom it makes the bottles very easy to clean.  I love this! They also have new nipples available for parents to be able to choose the exact nipple to fit their babies preference.  I know that choosing the right bottle for your baby can be difficult so having multiple nipples from one brand available to try makes for a much more cost effective way of finding what works for your baby!

And let's not forget the must have Playtex Diaper Genie! I have used and loved the genie for years and extra love them now that Playtex has come out with a great new Carbon filter that makes for a fresh and clean smelling nursery!  

Find these and more great products at Playtex Baby!

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