Saturday 14 November 2015

Keeping it clean with the Dirt Devil’s 360 Reach™ Bagless Stick Vacuum

With five kids under age eight you can bet there is Always something on my floors and we could try feed a small village with the amount of rice we have to throw away after it lands on the floor at supper time.  With kids it's just a given that there will be crumbs, and no matter how often I sweep I always seem to find something I missed or more the. Likely the kids have created a new mess while I am sweeping up the old one...

I actually sweep up the last of a mess the other day, turned around and there was my two year old running over soda crackers with his big truck..he was laughing away have a great time....mommy was not!
This is why I was thrilled to review the Dirt Devil’s 360 Reach™ Bagless Stick Vacuum. I love that it sucks up the mess instead of just pushing it along as I always seem to have a bit left behind, not with this machine!  The Dirt Devil’s 360 Reach™ Bagless Stick Vacuum comes with many accessories including the dusting wand, an extension pole, a crevice tool, a fan cleaner, and my favourite the apolstry tool which is actually powered unlike others!  This is my go to tool as I love it to vacuumed the stairs!  So much easier and lighter then dragging the whole regular vacuume up and down two flights of stairs! It also boasts cyclonic filtration and a bag less easy to clean canester. 
My second favourite use is for cleaning the car! The crevice tool gets into everything talking kids crumbs and dirt easily and the upolstry tool is prefect for vehicles. 
At 27 feet the cord is nice and long and can reach to all areas I need it to, and this machine is truly a floor to ceiling  cleaner! I love the fan tool that uses suction and SWIPES microfibre to get every speck of dust and it simply and easily slides over your fan blade to get it entirely clean.
And it all comes with a convent storage bag! I love this vacuume! 
Find the Dirt Devil’s 360 Reach™ Bagless Stick Vacuum on the Website and get your house 360 clean!

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