Wednesday 18 November 2015

Making math fun with games and printables #NeverRunOut

Learning math concepts can be tricky for many children,  mine included;  so I love to come up with fun ideas to help them learn(sometimes without them even knowing they are) I especially love to find things around our house that we can use to create learning.  I really find that if you make learning fun the child will be more eager to try and more learning can happen! 

We always include the big boys in dividing up snacks and slices of cake. This really shows them the physical aspect of dividing and sharing.  They already know how to divide a number of treats so that each child gets and equal amount. With five children here this is sometimes not a small task! 

Some simple and fun ideas to try are:
Using Cheerios for counting, division and even patterning if you use the multigrain kind.
Lego blocks to show grouping and also separating by Color and then patterning. 
Coloured candies like smarties or gumdrops for patterning, dividing, counting.
Dominoes, wooden blocks, paperclips, mini marshmallows……

We also love to find our favourite pictures and use our counted Fruit loops to create the pictures.  This teaches to separate by Color, count, fine motor skills and so much more, plus it's fun and they don't even know it's math. I love to find pictures from coloring

My older boys are in school now and have been using the Power of Ten cards. To learn how to recognise numbers without counting which is called subsitizing I am told...
They play different games with them including a memory game of matching for ne'er kids and for the older they can add the two cards flipped to make ten. 
My friends also have some great math printables for you to check out
The Canadian Homeschooler has a great printable of Number Words, Days and Months Cards and for the bigger kids Fractions
And from
Real Momma Math is Fun

There are really so many regular household objects that you can use to incorporate fun learning in your everyday! Take a look around and see what you can come up with to make learning fun! I'd love for you to share your ideas with me. 

All this printing needs a great printer and I am happy to have the HP Envy 7640 and the new Instant Ink program on hand to help prepare and teach my kids in a fun way! 

The instant ink program is a subscription service that sends you new ink right when you need it, so you never need to run out and buy more! And at a savings of 50% of retail it is sure to save me money and allow me to always be ready with a fun activity! #NeverRunOut

Check out HP and the Instant Ink program #NeverRunOut online at HP Instant Ink

Mommyknowz was provided with a HP printer and Instant ink subscription, but all thoughts are my own.

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