Thursday 12 January 2017

New Year with Netflix #StreamTeam

The new year is here and we are happy as always to have rung it in with a Netflix countdown for the kids..only a little early this year for the little ones..

Now we a we're ready to get started on a new series and we're happy to find a few Netflix originals that peaked our interest.
Image result for netflix the oa
We decided to try out the OA as I had started to hear quite a few comments about it.  And I am so glad we did.  Although I must admit that the beginning of the first episode had us second guessing what exactly we had got ourselves into...glad we stuck it out though as it is the most intriguing show we have watched in a long time. 

It is one of those shows that keep you wondering the whole time what is going on, what's going to happen and at some points what the heck am I even watching.  There is so much room for your own theory's as to what's going to happen and how they are going to do this or that, and it was one of those shows that you just can't stop watching for us.  We actually finished watching the first season and then watched it again to try to figure it out a bit more and try to find anything we missed.  Now we just have to wait for the second season to come out to try to piece a bit more of the complex puzzle the OA weaves out.

Have you watched OA yet? If not go check it out and then let me know your theory's....

The OA a Netflix original that you need to check out!

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