Monday 20 February 2017

Cheating with Netflix #StreamTeam

Do you ever sit down with you loving other half to start a new series?  
You watch an episode or two and head off to bed for the night, he falls asleep and you...lay there thinking of what is going to happen in the next episode..
you just can't wait to find out what Susie is going to do, or frank said to Sally.... you lay there trying to talk yourself out of it, you tell yourself you are in this together, you have to wait, stay strong....until you just can't wait any longer and you quietly leave the bed and sneak to the TV to watch the next episode or two ...who we kidding you binge watch the entire series and then start it over again so they will never 
Here are some great cheat worthy know..
if you were going to cheat....

Well I mean it's never been me..I'd never cheat with Netflix....well...maybe just that one time....

Have you ever been a Netflix cheat? And what's your current favourite series?

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