Tuesday 28 March 2017

A perfect fit with Make my Belly Fit

Baby number six is well on its way here in the Mommyknowz belly and it is a very cold winter here in Calgary. One of the coldest and Longest cold snaps we have had in a while actually.  I have my amazing and warm winter coat hat I love , but was worried that I was going to be left in the cold this year with a big belly and a wonderful warm coat that couldn't zip over my big baby belly.

BellyFit Jacket Extender
That was until I found the perfect fit.. 
Make my Belly Fit jacket extender.  It is perfect and just what every pregnant woman needs.  The Make my Belly Fit  attaches perfectly to my winter jacket by easily zipping right into the coats zipper and gives me the extra space to fit my expanding belly.  I love that you can get the extra fleece add on for extra warmth.  Something I defiantly needed in the fridges winter.  
BellyFit Jacket Extender
But not only does the Make my Belly Fit keep that baby bump cozy it also doubles for when baby is here and in a carrier.  You put your carrier on under your jacket and zip up the jacket right around baby to ensure a warm secure putting with baby. I can't wait to put that part to the test in May!

If you are expecting I defiantly recommend looking into Make my Belly Fit.  It is a great way to save the expense of buying a whole new coat just for the few months you'd need it while pregnant and it can be used after baby comes too which makes it a huge benefit and an even better bang for your buck.

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