Saturday, 1 April 2017

Turn Your Rented Home Into a Sleek and Stylish Space

While getting a foot on the property ladder and buying your own home is an amazing thing to achieve, unfortunately, it’s getting harder and harder to do so. With higher rates, mortgages being harder to get and house prices soaring, many people find themselves in a position where buying just isn’t an option. However it’s not all bad, and renting does have it’s perks.
You’re not responsible for any of the repair costs, moving house is much easier, and you can live in a property that you’d probably never be able to afford to buy. However there are some downsides too, and one of them is being at the mercy of the landlord when it comes to changing things. While some are relaxed, others lay out in the tenancy agreement that you can’t wallpaper or paint- some won’t even allow you to put holes in the walls to hang things. If you’re living in a home that you’re not allowed to redecorate, no need to fret. There’s plenty you can do with a blank canvas to turn it into a stylish and personal space. Here’s how you can go about it!


Choose an Accent Colour
Your accent color will be used for things like accessories and soft furnishings. It could be an actual color, or a shade of gray or black if you like to keep things a little more monochrome. A good rule of thumb is to choose an accent shade that works well with the color the walls are painted. Most landlords will paint in a light neutral such as cream, white or gray. Pay close attention to this, and pick an accent color that works with it. For example, gray works well with blush pink, cream works well with red or chocolate brown and white can go with just about anything.

Add a Statement Light Fitting
When your walls are plain, you can get away with being more extravagant in other areas, and the lighting is one way to do this. It could be a cool modern piece with exposed bulbs, or a chandelier, whatever works best with your style and theme. Make sure you keep the standard light fitting that came with the house, that way you can replace it without any issues when you come to move out.

Choose Bolder Furniture
You might not be able to show your personality with the wall color, so doing so with furniture is a great option. You could visit a furniture store and see if any pieces grab your attention. If you want to play it a little more safe, how about choosing a plain sofa (which can be dressed up with soft furnishings and won’t go out of fashion in a few years) along with a chair in a bold color or pattern. Choosing a chair instead of a whole suite means it will be less expensive to update in a few years if you want to go for a new look. Put cushions using the same colors on the sofa to tie the two together. Upcycling furniture is another good option, it’s far cheaper than buying new, and you can really have fun with different colors and designs.

Pile On Soft Furnishings
Throws and cushions on beds and sofas really bring the space to life and make the rooms look so much more homely and personal. You can bring in color, texture, and interest. Rugs too are cozy, comfortable underfoot and help to bring a room together without making any changes to the decor itself.

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