Thursday 6 April 2017

Fight the Plight of Pesky Pests

Pesky little pests are a nuisance. Despite their small stature they can cause a big annoyance to your whole family: whether it be wood lice causing damage to the furnishings inside your home, head lice causing your child to feel as if their hair is on fire or ticks inflicting serious damage on your dog, these little nuisances need to be dealt with. Fortunately, there are many ways that they can be.

If you are experience a severe woodlouse problem then you need to act upon it, because they won’t go away on their own — not with all those yummy furnishings in your house to munch on anyway. But you don’t have to get rid of all of your worldly belongings to eradicate the problem, you  can do so by eliminating the little annoyances with pesticide sprays, such as Pro-Active C. However, there are few safety procedures that should be put in place when it comes to fighting this plight: you should wear suitable protective clothing, such as masks, goggles and overalls (in sever cases) to protect you from the chemicals that you are spraying. Also, you should keep children and animals well clear of the scene at this time.

And children and animals are probably the most susceptible to the plight that is a pesky pest. For instance, children are very susceptible to head lice and will probably come from school at some point in their life with a hair full of them. When this happens, you should take to eliminating the problem as soon as possible; you should first seek as much information about head lice as possible to ensure that you know what you're looking for when examining your child’s hair, and then once you find them you should begin  washing their hair with over the counter lice medications.


And your pet, you can’t forget your poor pet because when a pesky pet takes a hold of them, it can lead to devastating circumstances. Dogs in particular are very susceptible to pests, most notably ticks; if you see that your dog has a fever that has seemingly come out of nowhere, lost their appetite and is shivering or panting usually, then there may very well be a tick burrowing through their fur and skin. If you see these signs then you should act upon them by applying medication such as Frontline Plus Dog. This medication kills any disease carrying tick within just one day after being applied and also prevents any baby ticks that may have been born on your dog from developing further — this is why you should apply this medication as soon as possible.


The life of a mom is a busy one, which is why you haven’t got time to be dealing with unwanted intruders in your life. No matter what it is that these pests are protruding, you need to ensure that they are eliminated as soon as can be! Also, you should be aware that pests quite literally come crawling out of the woodwork in spring and summer time, so remember to stay vigilant over the next few months and if you see a pest, eliminate it — if you do so, you may just save yourself the problem of having to deal with a whole host of creepy crawlers all burrowing around at the same time.

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