Saturday 15 April 2017

Pet Life: How To Cope

Pets are great for so many reasons. Kids love them, and form unbreakable bonds that last a lifetime. Your pet can aid with loneliness, with depression, they can help you get a decent level of exercise and are a great companion to take through life. However, they can also be a cause of annoyance, forcing you to clean up after them and ensure they are behaving in a way that isn’t bad, such as chewing on furniture and such like. There are ways you can ensure you are ready for these pet misdemeanors. You may have some thought out already, and others may be a bit too extreme for you but read on because you could find something that suits you perfectly.

For start when you find yourself with a little bit of extra cash you should stock up on medication for your pets. It can be really expensive and quite debilitating when it comes at a time unexpected. Go for flea medication, like advantix ii for dogs or something similar for cats. If you have the medication there you will be sorted if anything happens. Most will get fleas once or twice in their lifetime. Keep a back stock for the best success

You should get used to hair. It worsens depending on what animal you have, but you will need to get used to hair all around your home. Invest in a good powerful hoover. It will help your job exponentially. You should also consider getting hard wood floor installed as it is easier to pick up the hairs. Or you could ensure your dog or cat only goes where there is hard floor and not carpet, essentially banning them from carpeted rooms. It is easier than it sounds, but it can be done with good training methods.

You should also look at your car. If you have a larger dog you will want to be able to take him places out of the way, though it isn’t fair to cramp them in a small car and you will soon find it hard to drive as the dog rustles around and moves. Either get a cage for the boot and ensure it is well lit or invest in a bigger car. It will make your life way easier.

At first walking will be great and the family will all be clamoring to take the dog for a walk. It will wear off. After a while it will be the other way around and arguments will break out. It is time consuming, but you all signed up to having a pet so it needs to be done. Consider drawing up a rota and stick to it. By doing this you can ensure it always gets done and can also hold people accountable when it isn’t. It is the smart and fair way to do it. It is a method of exercise for all too, so if you think certain family members could do with a bit more exercise this is a great way to get it done.

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