Friday 1 September 2017

Don't Go Barking Mad: Dog Training Advice

Whether you’ve just adopted a dog or you’ve already had one for a few weeks, training a brand new pet can be an exhausting process. They’re still adjusting to their brand new environment and you’re still adjusting to them. It can be a recipe for disaster if you don’t really know what you’re doing in terms of training them. Not to fear, though, because any dog can be trained. It’s just a matter of treating them like a creature with emotions rather than a robot you need to program. Here are some pieces of advice to help you do a better job of training your dog and avoid going barking mad.

Positive reinforcement.
Much like many children, dogs won’t learn anything if all you do is shout at them. Training a dog is a subtle and gradual process. You need to be patient, but you also need to reward them for doing a good job if you want them to do it again. Keep trying if things aren’t working and then as soon as something goes well make a huge fuss out of it. Dogs remember these things and they’ll remember to obey your command next time if they associate doing so with something positive. You’ve got to be consistent, however.

Treats are always the way forward, and you might want to check out this site here if you’re looking for tasty dog snacks. The key is to make sure they know from day one where they’re supposed to go to the toilet and where they’re supposed to sleep. Otherwise, it’ll be hard to train them out of these bad habits. You need to draw some clear boundaries so that you’re not forever cleaning up their mess around the house.

Outdoor training.
House training your dog is one thing, but outdoor training is another. You can control your home environment but you can’t control the outside world. It’s important that you think about the ways which might trigger your dog outside; they might get excited about other dogs, and they might get scared of cars and other loud things. Calmness is the key, so you need to train your dog to “stay”  hen you command him or her to do so. You don’t want them chasing after or running away from things outside because that’s far more dangerous than when they’re loose around the house.

Don’t skip the walk.
The most important part of training a dog involves showing him or her love and affection. If you want a happy dog that respects your household and the family as a whole then you need to respect it. The novelty of having a dog does wear off and walks might not always be a lot of fun but the simple fact of the matter is that your dog needs to go on regular walks (every single day, ideally). It’s what you sign up for when you get a dog. You need to give him or her regular activity, love, affection, food, and all the other things necessary to ensure you’re safeguarding its physical and mental health. That’s the best way to train your dog; love 

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