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Putting More Fruit Into Pudding Time

Putting More Fruit Into Pudding Time
Food means healthy growth and development, especially from a young age. It’s where our nutrients come from, and thus acts as our main energy source. But kids can be quite picky when it comes to mealtimes. We all love pudding, and kids do most of all. However, pudding isn’t usually a very healthy option, and sometimes it's all your child wants to eat. This works against their general health, but mostly their teeth and gums at a young age. Incorporating more fruit into pudding time means there’s a new association inbound between eating healthily and enjoying it at the same time! Here’s a few recipes for what to make!
Neapolitan Ice Cream
Ice cream is a staple of the dessert world, and yet it's full of fats and sugar. Opting for a sorbet is often more expensive, and kids can be very fussy. You can get mango ice cream, passionfruit ice cream, even pistachio ice cream, but what about mixing up a bunch of fruits and adding them to cream? That’s seen a little less in supermarkets and ice cream stalls.
However, you can make your own fruity ice cream at home and serve it up as a great treat. Incredibly fun to both look at and eat! You can turn each slice into a lolly and settle down with a cartoon whilst you munch on them.
Confetti Yogurt and Fruit
Eating fruits whole and in pieces means they can often put children off, as the skin on an apple is hard to chew and they’re more sensitive to the taste of apricots. However, gobbling down fruit is essential for healthy teeth and gums, otherwise it's a trip to get Family braces. That’s certainly not an enjoyable part of pudding time!
Making fruit more approachable to eat is a big step in getting a toddler to try it out. Thereby, having a good dipping food that looks magical will help. Yogurt is easy to swallow and kids can pig out on it with no guilt on your part.
Banana and Custard
If you need a quick pudding idea that can be ready in five minutes, or don’t have the energy for the effort of going to the store, then try mixing some chopped banana with a bit of custard.
It tastes great and is super healthy because of all the vitamins and fiber inside a banana. You won’t need a bona fide recipe for this one; just chop up a banana or two, heat up some custard and then combine them in a bowl to enjoy. If you feel like turning on the oven, you can put the banana pieces in for about 10 minutes to make then softer and warmer and a lot more hearty.
There’s quite a few puddings on the menu that are super healthy and easy to whip up. Pudding doesn’t have to mean crammed with sugar, just tasting sweet due to natural elements, and the knowledge that your kids are getting their five a day.

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