Wednesday 20 September 2017

Nerffest 2017

September is NerfFest and we are so excited!!

With four boys in our family NERF wars happen a  LOT! My boys love a good Ole NERF fight and when i told them about NERFFest they were so excited!  They grabbed their NERF guns and bucket of bullets and we headed downstairs to the basement..or what we call NERF zone! Yep its true folks our house has its own NERF zone! The boys all love to set up targets and see which one can hit the most.  They always have tons of fun.

We are especially loving the new Nitro Motofury rapid fire set! It allows even the littles to get in on the NERF action and is a on of fun

NERFFest 2017 was a HUGE hit at our house and will be a family tradition from now on!

Are you going to participate in NERFfest this year?

Find all the new products at the  NERF website and get your NERFFest on today!


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