Saturday 16 September 2017

Stickbots Bring Fun to a New Level

Have you heard of Stickbots yet? 

If not you should check them out because they are a huge hit at our house and are a fun new toy that doubles as a learning tool for stop motion videos.  My boys discoved Stick bots and love to play with them but were so excited to be able to download the app and make their very own Stickbot movies. 

They also love that now there are Stickbot animals like the Gorilla, Cat and Dog. Even more fun to add to our growing collection.
The new animation set is great as it comes with the Stick bots characters as well as the green screen which makes the animation app so much fun to use.  My boys are just starting to explore what they can do on it and are so excited to make and then play their movies for us to watch.  It really takes their play to another level and they are so proud of what they can accomplish.
The Stickbot has become the boys go to thing to buy as they save up their tooth fairy and birthday money they all are telling me how much a new stick bot costs and how soon they will have enough for a new one.  I love that they are an affordable toy that the kids enjoy​ and that they provide an educational tool that is fun and creative as well.

Check out Stickbots on their website and at many local retailers.

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