Tuesday 25 April 2017

Think You're Ready for a Puppy? Try this Checklist First!

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If you have children, it’s likely that you are asked quite frequently if you can get a puppy, and whether you’ve been worn down or you think you really are ready to own a puppy, you’ll need to go through a checklist to work it all out sensibly.

Of course, puppies are maybe the best things in the world, but they take up a whole load of time, energy and money! Here is a quick checklist to see if you really are ready to take on a brand new puppy.

Do you have the time?

Puppies are super cute and cuddly, I know, but they also require a lot of time for training when they are young. This time is vital to training a puppy because if you can’t give it the attention it needs and deserves, it could end up causing more chaos in the future. Whether you take time out to take them to puppy training academies, or you do this at home is up to you, but it’s worth remembering that having a puppy is often like having a baby.

Do you have the funds?

Puppies cost more than you think they will. On food and toys and unexpected vet bills, because puppies will be puppies and do puppy things. Of course, you can get discounted grooming services and kennels from websites such as dontpayfull.com, but you can’t rely on these everything time you need something dog-related! Make sure you are financially prepared to make this decision before you do, as nobody needs more financial worry in their life!

Does a dog fit into your future?

While getting a puppy right now might seem like a great idea, does a dog fit into your future plans? Are you going traveling soon? Is your job stable? Bringing a puppy into your family is almost as complicated as the decision to bring a child, except a puppy never grows up! Take a look at your plans and be sure that another life can fit into it with ease.

Do you have a lot of patience?

Puppies can try your patience. However fun and lovely they are, they are also naughty and need a lot of training! Learning how to cope with pets and the inevitability that your shoes, socks, bags and coats are going to get chewed up, as well as fridge raids and toilet accidents, will be an essential part of puppy ownership.

Is your home big enough?

If you only live in a small apartment surrounded by neighbors, it may not be the best idea to invest in a puppy at this time. Puppies can be noisy, and they also need a lot of space to run around in and burn off all that energy! However, if you have a big garden and access to areas where you can go for long walks, then it might be more doable. Remember too, that puppies grow bigger and will require more space the older they get. Your dog deserves the same love as you do, so give it the space it needs to be happy in, too!

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